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Any UWOSA members with PDQs submitted up until December 31, 2016 - your results have now been released. 

For those with PDQs date stamped after December 31, 2016, sit-tight - your information will be following shortly.

If you fall in this first batch rolled out, you will have received an email from Katie Osborne to your UWO email address.

To access this important information, please follow the link within the email to the OWL site and navigate through the following tabs:

  • Owl site
  • login
  • click `membership' tab (on left side of page)
  • click `UWOSA JES Communications'
  • click `drop box' (on left side of page)

Once in your `drop box', you will see the list of information included in your 'results package'. Your results package will include a summary letter, the PDQ submitted for your role, evaluation notes, and the confirmation and appeal form.

Please REVIEW your package thoroughly.  

If you are satisfied with the evaluation, follow the instructions contained within your summary letter and complete the enclosed form to sign acceptance.

If you DO NOT agree with the evaluation, please document your concerns on the enclosed appeal form.  We encourage you to review the Appeal Process as outlined within the Collective Agreement and fill out the Appeal Form contained within your results package. 

Please ensure you do not rush to submit your appeal, but ensure that your appeal is merited by reviewing the rating guidelines as outlined in Schedule A of our Collective Agreement.    You will have a much better appeal experience, if you take the time to review all the relevant information and include the necessary details within your appeal.

Should you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the UWOSA office at


In Solidarity,

Nikki Grozelle

Chief Steward